Special Education


Distance Learning Information Updates 


SPED Guidance Training DL (MP4 Video) (cc) - 

Sign into District Google Drive to access video. 

Guidance for Special Educators and Related Service Providers in Distance Learning PowerPoint (PDF)

***CORRECTION TO SLIDE (Global Language PWN) - the district is not sending home the PWN, case managers will electronically send PWN home to all families and with draft IEPs for meetings. 04/21/20

SDUSD Distance Learning Special Education Guidelines 

Distance Learning Special Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Distance Learning Plan for the Moderate/Severe Program 

(This plan includes a pacing guide to support personal professional development in preparing for distance learning as well as useful resources such as sample lesson plans, contact logs, and additional district resources curated to support you as you design your distance learning plans.)

Distance Learning Plan for Related and Low Incidence Services  

ParaEducator Distance Learning Site

Special Education Distance Learning Site


Prior Written Notice (Form loads as a Word file)

(Please send PWN home to all families and also send home during IEP meetings)

Parent Guidelines for Students with Disabilities (PWN) 

Parent Guidelines for Students with Disabilities (PWN) (Spanish Version) 

Parent Guidelines for Students with Disabilities (PWN) (Vietnamese Version)


Prior Written for Initial IEPs

Inital PWN (English)

Initial PWN (Spanish)

Initial PWN (Vietnamese)


Distance Learning Logs (Save log files first, to work in them) 

Parent Contact Log

Instructional Tracking Log


Teleservices Forms (Form loads as a Word file)

Teleservices Consent 

Teleservices Consent (Spanish Version)

Teleservices Consent (Vietnamese Version)


Translation and Interpretation 

Interpretation for remote IEP meetings/language support guide for case managers:

I. Interpretation & support requests

II. Meeting logistics

III. Recommendations for Effective Communication during the Meeting