Grade 8 - Rights, Respect, Responsibility

The Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) curriculum follows CA Healthy Youth Act requirements and National Sexuality Education Standards. These online curriculum resources are provided for instructors who have attended SDUSD's Sexual Health Education Professional Development, in accordance with CA Education Code 51935
For information on the parental opt-out process and ideas for students excused from the instruction, click here: Sex Ed Opt-Out Guidance and Activity Ideas

All Online Curriculum Revised 08/27/18

Lesson 1 - Blue Is for Boys, Pink Is for Girls ... or Are They?

Lesson 2 - Sexual Orientation, Behavior, and Identity

Lesson 3 - Everybody's Got Body Parts 

Lesson 4 - Reproduction Basics

Lesson 5 - STI Smarts 

Lesson 6 - Birth Control Basics 

Lesson 7 - What If ...? 

Lesson 8 - Warning Signs: Understanding Sexual Abuse and Assault

Lesson 9 - Making SMART Choices

Lesson 10 - Let's Talk about Sex

End of Unit Assessment

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