Unlocking the Genius (UTG) Grades 6-12

This year we have restructured the Unlocking the Genius experience to allow for all students in grades 6-12 to engage in a series of site-based lessons through the www.thrively.com platform which will also serve as a digital portfolio archiving student strengths, experiences, and connecting students to local opportunities to develop their interests. Parents will have access to their student's work and see students earning digital badges aligned with their development within the academic, career, and life readiness realms. The UTG lessons were structured to develop student competencies, and they encourage counselors and teachers to work together in the delivery. Counselors will be introduced to the model and trained to facilitate these lessons in their first quarterly all-counselor meeting in September. To increase site autonomy, counselors will have the remainder of the year to coordinate with the site administration/ teachers regarding the implementation of these lessons. Data trends in student engagement will be captured and reported to executive cabinet on a monthly basis.


Contact: Liz Perry, Secondary Resource Teacher :: eperry2@sandi.net :: (619) 725-7345