Return-to-Work Program

It is the policy of the San Diego Unified School District, when possible, to provide transitional work assignments for a limited period to assist employees who are temporarily restricted from performing their regularly assigned job duties due to an industrial or non-industrial injury or illness.

Transitional work assignments are to assist employees in the transition from having temporary restrictions to full recovery while continuing to be a productive part of the work group. Employees will continue to receive their regular pay. The assignment is offered for a maximum of 90 consecutive calendar days starting from the first day of a transitional work assignment.

Note: This policy currently applies to classified employees of the San Diego Unified School District. When necessary, priority will be given to employees with industrially-related injury or illness and on a seniority basis within their classification.

When an Employee is Released to Return to Work with Temporary Work Restrictions:

  1. The manager or supervisor shall contact the Risk Management Workers' Compensation Light Duty Coordinator at (858) 627-7439 upon receipt of a medical report that outlines temporary modifications for an employee’s return to work.
  2. The manager or supervisor will assist Risk Management in identifying tasks to develop a TRANSITIONAL WORK ASSIGNMENT OFFER outlining how the employee will return to work within restrictions.
  3. In conjunction with Risk Management, review work status reports at least every 30 days for changes in employee’s restrictions and adjust tasks accordingly. Track the transitional assignment so not to exceed a total of 90 consecutive calendar days.
  4. In conjunction with Risk Management, refer employee with an industrial injury or illness to YORK RISK SERVICES GROUP, INC. (866) 548-2701 when not released to full duties at the end of the transitional work assignment.
  5. An employee with a non-industrial injury or illness will meet with their supervisor and or Risk Management to discuss further options.

The RETURN-TO-WORK PROGRAM is coordinated through the Risk Management Department.


Contact Information

Phil Ross
Workers' Compensation Light Duty Coordinator
(858) 627-7439 - Phone
(858) 627-7353 - Fax

Carol Komaki
Administrative Claims Assistant
(858) 627-7346 - Phone
(858) 627-7353 - Fax