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 Primary Activities

Instant Recess - Brain Breaks for the Classrooms

The Rossum Kick Off / Lift Off
 - 10-minute guided activities led by Allen Rossum
Moving with Tradition native dance moves, drumming and singing, and traditional values to inspire activity that boosts energy, stimulates clear thinking and relieves stress.
The Mabuhay  - Inspired by traditional Filipino dances
Fuel Up/Lift Off - Get 30 minutes of Physical Activity Every Day
CalEndow - Inspired by California's diversity
Sparking Motion - Your 10 minute recess break
FRIARFIT - Dave Winfield, demonstrates nine baseball related moves, or "innings" designed to work the entire 
Soccer - Soccer Inspired moves of 10 minutes of exercise that include kicking, juggling and jogging.
Gospel Dance -  Raise your heart rate and your spirit with this 10 minute activity break set to inspirational gospel music.
Reggae - The smooth moves of this Reggae Instant Recess will get your body swaying to the island rhythms.
West African Dance - Enjoy an energizing 10 minutes of exercise performing movements inspired by traditional West African dance.
Hip Hop - This energizing 10 minute Hip Hop Instant Recess will get your heart pumping and your body moving.
Football - 10 minute of exercise with fun and creative football inspired moves that anyone can do.