HCM (Human Resources) Printed Training Materials

PeopleSoft HCM Training Materials
General HCM Job Aids
Department & Location Codes in PeopleSoft
DWA Password Self-Service
DWA Security Request Form Instructions
Entering Licenses and Certifications 
HCM Account Code (Combo Code) Structure
How to Add to Favorites in PeopleSoft
How to Sign In to PeopleSoft HCM 
How to Turn Off PeopleSoft's Autocomplete 
How to Clear Cache Files in Internet Explorer
Support Contacts Job Aids
Human Resource Services Division Contact List
Payroll Department Contact List
Self Service Job Aids
Add or edit your home or mailing address
Access the Work Number (TALX) for income verification
Add, change, edit or delete your emergency contact information
Add or edit your phone numbers
How to Apply for Jobs Using eRecruit
Personal Information Summary
Payroll & Compensation Home Page
How to View your Paycheck
How to View and Print your Pay Advice
How to Setup your Pay Statement Print Option
How to View, Edit, and Add Voluntary Deductions
How to View/Edit W-4 Tax Information
How to Access Your Self-Service W-2 Forms

How to Submit a W-2 Reissue Request

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Benefits Enrollment Job Aids
How to Enroll in Benefits
How to Update Dependent & Beneficiary Personal Information
How to use eBenefits to View Benefit Information
HCM Training Manuals
PAR Processing Manual Updated 9/12/16
Time & Labor Manual for Timekeepers Updated 9/7/16
Time & Labor Tune-Up Manual coming soon
HCM Job Aid Packets
PAR Processing Job Aid Packet Updated 9/12/16
Time & Labor Job Aid Packet May 2017
Time & Labor Tune-Up Job Aid Packet Jan 2017
Time & Labor for Summer School 2018-2019 
Site Administrators (Principals & Dept. Heads) Training Materials
HR Manager Dashboard
Certificated Supervision, Observation and Evaluation Manual
Entering a Performance Evaluation Summary into PeopleSoft
How to Run the Annual Employee Notifications Report Updated 8/10/17
How to Run the Assignment Book Report
How to Maintain Reports to Information
Layoff and Bumping Training Manual

PeopleSoft for Site Administrators Training Manual

PeopleSoft HCM for Site Administrators Job Aid Packet Updated 3/21/17
Recruiting Solutions Training Manual Updated 6/16/17
PAR (Personnel Action Request) Job Aids
Request a New Position PAR
Fill a Vacant Position PAR
Change Position Attributes PAR

Add a Concurrent Job PAR

Assignment Change PAR
Hire/Rehire PAR
Salary Change PAR
Leave of Absence PAR
Termination PAR
FTE Conversion Chart
How to Search for, Approve or Print a PAR
How to Save or Cancel a PAR in Draft Status
Overallocated Position Management Process
PAR Instructions
PAR Search
Special Compensation Codes
How to Check Live Scan Fingerprint Status
Standard PAR Process for ROP Assignments

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Other HCM Reports Job Aids
How to Run the Allocations Status by Assignment Report
How to Run the Allocations Status by Funding Report
How to Run the Filled Positions Report
How to Run the Certificated Evaluations Report
How to Run the Classified Evaluations Report
Time & Labor Job Aids
Time and Labor WorkCenter
Current Timekeeping Tips  August 2018
What Every Timekeeper Should Know Updated May 2018
How to Run the Audit Paid to Reported Time Report
How to Determine Leave Balances 
How to Run a Leave Balance Report
How to Run the Cross-Site Account Code Charges Report
How to Run the Cross-Site Account Code Charges Report to Excel
How to Run the Site Account Code Charges Report
How to Run the Site Account Code Charges Report to Excel
How to Run the Time Summary Report
How to Run the Time Summary Report to Excel
Time Summary Report by Employee
Monthly Payroll Checklist for Managers
Payroll Schedule 2018
How to Report Time
How to Report Time for Visiting Teachers
How to Run the T&L Blank Account Code Report
How to Update the Combo Code (Budget Number) for Professional Development Subs
How to Verify Jobs in SmartFindExpress (SAMS)
SAMS/SmartFindExpress Updates and Clarifications
SAMS Interface Frequently Asked Questions
Time & Labor Reports and How to Use Them
Payroll Deadlines/Records Retention
Time Reporting Codes (Definitions) Updated July 2018
Webcenter Information
PeopleSoft Financial Training Materials