Nursing and Wellness

In keeping with the district goal of optimum physical and mental health for all students, the school nurse strives to strengthen the educational process through improvement of the health status and knowledge of children and youth. The school nurse shares in the responsibility of helping each student reach full educational growth and maximum potential in physical, mental, and social growth. Nurses provide a health services program for the assessment, evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of the health of pupils and school personnel.


Nursing and Wellness Program
4100 Normal Street, Room 2121
San Diego, CA 92103
Office: (619) 725-5501
FAX: (619) 725-8073

Topic                                                                                          Contact

Program ManagerMichelle Bell, RN, BSN, MA Ed.
(619) 725-5501

 Secretary IIJennifer Roll

(619) 725-5501

District Physician ConsultantHoward Taras, M.D.
(619) 725-5501
Vision Program CoordinatorLilly McDonald, BSN, RN
(858) 627-7589
Communicable Disease ControlMia Sneag, BSN, RN, PHN
Immunizations and Staff Hep
OHA/CHDP/PARD(619) 306-9808
SHNPatrice Breslow, RN, MSN
SEAS(858) 627-7394
Hearing Conservation ProgramEvelyn Cuevas, RN, M.Ed
(858) 627-7385
Quality Assurance CoordinatorCorinne McCarthy, MSN, RN
(619) 701-5691
Medi-Cal CoordinatorKaren Cloutman, BSN, RN, MPH
Random Moment Time
 (858) 627-7590
AED ProgramAdrienne Lenhoff, BSN, RN, PHN 
 (619) 302-5840