Direct Deposit

View and Print Direct Deposit Statements

In an effort to reduce the use of paper and the cost associated with printing advices, SDUSD stopped the automatic printing of direct deposit advices effective with the March 31, 2009 monthly payroll. The district currently prints in excess of 191,000 advices per year. By going “paperless,” the cost of processing our annual payroll will be reduced by approximately $40,000. Employees will still be able to access (and print) a revised online version of their pay advice through PeopleSoft. This printed document can be used for all of the same purposes where a paycheck document is required (i.e. financing a vehicle purchase, financing a home loan, etc.)

The Payroll Department encourages all district employees to participate in direct deposit and to join us as we “go green” with a paperless electronic pay advice.  According to the PayItGreen™ Alliance, the average household can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 171 pounds annually by switching to Direct Deposit/Direct Payment, and by requesting electronic bills and statements.  For questions regarding the electronic advice, call Fiscal Control at (619) 725-7679 or (619) 725-7682.  If you would like to sign up for direct deposit, contact Payroll at (619) 725-7727.


To view and/or print your direct deposit statement read the Viewing and Printing Your Pay Advice job aid .  This requires logging in to PeopleSoft Human Resources 8.9 using your district Employee ID and password (use this link to login: and click on PeopleSoft HCM).  If you are new to the district and/or have never accessed district applications/PeopleSoft please contact the IT Help Desk at 619-209-HELP (4357) for additional assistance with activating your password.
Employees may choose to continue receiving a printed advice by following the directions in the How to Setup Your Pay Statement Print Option Job Aid Adobe PDF.