Get your feet moving around the Ed Center

You may have noticed a few subtle reminders around the Ed Center to get your feet moving and start walking. 

The Ed Center Wellness Committee, in partnership with UCSD’s Live Well @ Work program, recently developed Walk Well walking routes on campus and around the neighborhood for employees to enjoy. 

Staff can take a quick break from sitting by walking the 10-minute on-campus route or take a longer stroll on the off campus 1-mile route. These routes are marked with signs and painted path reminders. Employees can use the route for walking meetings, group walks during breaks, and a variety of other activities. 

San Diego Unified has been a leader in promoting student health and wellness to all employees, and is continually creating new wellness opportunities for employees. Check in regularly on the Employee Wellness site and Health and Wellness page for more information. 

If your school site or central office is interested in developing similar walking routes, please coordinate with your site’s designated Wellness Coordinator, and then contact Rachel Kramer at UCSD Center for Community Health for guidance at  

Walking Map