9/21 Annual Employee Notifications Training

We have had some questions regarding the Annual Employee Notifications training. The Annual Employee Notifications process is a set of notifications that all employees are required to be given on an annual basis; they are delivered in a single slide presentation that is 90 minutes long. Within the 90 minute training, there is a 30 minute Mandated Reporter video and the Superintendent’s 1 minute video reinforcing the prohibition on sexual harassment.
For additional support, this year’s circular includes a presenter script that provides you a slide by slide instruction for delivering the material, including the specific trainings to be viewed during the group presentation.  Item number 2 in the circular provides a link to the presenter script. This script specifically provides you with the method to conduct the training and ensure that it is only 90 minutes long. The script specifically states that you do not have to view all of the training links. Additionally, there are three options for delivery of the training:

  1. Option 1 (preferred). Conduct an in person meeting. You may schedule more than one session if you have a large site/ location or for other logistical reasons.
  2. Option 2. Provide the link to employees and have them view the presentation on their own. Employees should be provided time within their work day as well as access to a device that allows them to view the materials (if you ask your staff to use this option and print the certificate, they only need to print the Mandated Reporter certificate and then sign the signature document).
  3. Option 3. Print and distribute the Annual Employee Notifications Training Packet

All materials are available at this link: https://www.sandi.net/staff/human-resources/annual-employee-notifications