8/15 LCFF Form Delivery, Distribution and Return

LCFF Forms will be delivered to Provisional II and CEP schools (see list of schools below) by School Mail Services and should begin arriving in schools at the end of this or beginning of next week.

Once your packages of forms arrive, please prepare them for delivery to students as soon as possible.  As you know, these forms are crucial to the district’s funding and our goal is to have 100% of the forms returned by the deadline of September 15, 2017.

A video explaining the cards is hosted on the Food Services website and can be viewed at the following link (https://www.sandi.net/staff/food-services/free-reduced-price-meal-applications). If after viewing the video you have further questions, please contact Marcellus Walker in the Financial Planning, Monitoring and Accountability Department at (619) 725-7175 or mwalker@sandi.net

We thank you in advance for your assistance in distributing and collecting the LCFF Forms.

ALBA                           Edison Elem                Kearny High                 Perkins Elem

Adams Elem                 Emerson/Bandini Elem             Kimbrough Elem          Porter North Elem       

Audubon Elem             Encanto Elem               Knox Middle                 Porter South Elem

Baker Elem                  Euclid Elem                  Lafayette Elem             Riley, N. Dawn, Marcy

Balboa Elem                 Fay Elem                      Lincoln High                 Rodriguez Elem

Bandini Elem                Field Elem                    Linda Vista Elem          Rolando Park Elem

Bell Middle                   Fletcher Elem              Lind/Sw Elem               Roosevelt Middle

Birney Elem                 Florence Elem             Logan K-8                    Rosa Parks Elem

Boone Elem                 Franklin Elem               Madison High               Ross Elem

Burbank Elem              Freese Elem                Mann Middle                Rowan Elem

Cadman Elem               Fulton Elem                 Marshall Elem              San Diego High

Carson Elem                Garfield Elem               Memorial Middle          Sherman Elem

Carver Elem                 Garfield High               Mil. Tech Middle          Toler Elem

Central Elem                Golden Hill Elem          Montgomery Middle     TRACE           

Chavez Elem                Hamilton Elem              Morse High                  Twain High

Ch. Point Elem             Hawthorne Elem          Normal Hgts Elem        Valencia Park Elem

Ch./Mead Elem            Hoover High                Nye Elem                     Walker Elem

Clark Middle                 Horton Elem                 Oak Park Elem             Washington Elem

Clay Elem                     Ibarra Elem                  Ocean Beach Elem      Webster Elem

CPMA Middle               Jefferson Elem                        Pacific View Ldrshp     Wegeforth Elem

Crawford High             Johnson Elem              Paradise Hills Elem      Wilson Middle 

East Village High          Joyner Elem                 Penn Elem                   Zamorano Elem