7/18 - Important Information RE: Implementing IEPs

Memo to:              All Special Education Staff, School Principals

Memo from:         Jennifer Parks-Orozco

Date:                      July 12, 2016

Subject:                 California Department of Education Corrective Action

In a recent California Department of Education (CDE) complaint filed by a parent of a student with special needs, the complaint included an allegation that the District failed to implement the individualized education program (IEP) as required by California Education Code (EC) Section 56043(i).

The purpose of this email memorandum is to inform all special education staff and administration of the requirement to comply with the above cited portion of the law, which is stated below:

“A pupil’s individualized education program [IEP] shall be implemented as soon as possible following the [IEP] team meeting, pursuant to Section 300.323 (c) (2) of Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations and in accordance with Section 56344.”

Please contact a Special Education Project Resource Teacher (PRT) or your AREA Special Education Administrator if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities.

Special Education Administrator

Project Resource Teacher


Area 1 – Angelia Watkins   619-725-7238



Robin Twiss, mtwiss@sandi.net

Diane Conti, dconti@sandi.net


Area 2 – Sara Cline  619-725-7095



Vicki Root, vroot@sandi.net

Danielle Stein, dstein1@sandi.net


Area 3 – Julie Jones  619-725-7697



Jennifer Hoogerhyde, jhoogerhyde@sandi.net

Mallory Singer,  msinger@sandi.net


Area 4 – Pamela Busch 619-725-7203



David Conner  dconner@sandi.net

Jamie Milton, jmilton@sandi.net


Area 5 – David Rios 619-725-7208



Amber Quinnell-Coussa, aquinnell@sandi.net


Area 6 – Grace Ridgeway 619-725-7222




Mia Martinez, mmartinez9@sandi.net

Roxanne Navarro, rnavarro@sandi.net


Program Manager Operations-Lisa Dreyer 619-725-7650




Debby Warner Anderson- Charters, CDE Compliance