5/3- Significant Changes to the Student Assessment Policy

On May 4, the Superintendent will be announcing some significant changes in the district's student assessment policy. We strongly believe these changes will benefit you and your entire school community.

We will be eliminating the requirement that teachers upload the results of DRA tests to the central office, resulting in a significant time savings for our educators.

Further, we will replace interim assessment tests with common formative assessment plans developed locally at your school site with extensive support from the central office. We want to work with you to create positive assessment tools in the areas of literacy and mathematics.

Finally, as part of our work to give teachers the tools and information they need, when and where they need them, we will be working with you to implement new technology solutions based on your own goals for your school and staff.

All of the above changes are being made because we believe our schools improve when district officials release their control over assessments and encourage schools to select assessments aligned with a framework for learning, relying on principals, teachers and area superintendents to work in partnership, as they receive the necessary support from the central office.

Your area superintendents will provide further information in the coming days and support you in this important transition. Our communications office is also available to help you create mass emails if you wish to share this good news with your parents and stakeholders.

Thank you for all you do to make our schools successful every day.