4/18 - Important Budget Update from Area Supts.

One of the responsibilities site and department leaders have is to lead and maintain a balanced budget. This responsibility includes ensuring site/district budgets are not over spent nor should the yearly budgets underspent. This requires site leaders to work with all stakeholders and the Finance Division to ensure proper allocations, encumbrances, and balances align with the site/district plans for student achievement.  When our leadership actions are not intentional and focused on a budget that supports student achievement and overall operation of a school the entire financial system is jeopardized.

Recently, it was brought to the attention of the Area Superintendents and the district Executive Cabinet that there are some site/district budgets that are not balanced. This means that some sites/departments have budgets that are over/under budget.  The purpose of this memo is to share a reality of our budgetary process that is impacting our district budget.

For a large majority of school sites we have spent yearly dollars on current students and have not over spent. We are appreciative of the leaders that are aligned to the core mission of the district. Unfortunately recent data suggests that there is overspending within site budgets.  If we do not monitor and hold each site/district leader accountable for the leadership of a balanced budget we may create continued budgetary challenges. With the current reality of state and federal funding that is certainly not equitable, we are not in a position to absorb egregious mismanagement of our site/district budgets.

We are directing each site/district leader to work diligently with their stakeholders and financial planning analysts to ensure that their yearly budget is not over spent, the current year funds are used in concert with your current students, and that your budget is aligned to your SPSA. In the event that a site leader is not in alignment with this expectation the Area Superintendent or district Executive Leader will meet and discuss the actions and accountability. If it determined that a leader has not been responsible in their budgetary leadership possible disciplinary action may be considered.

We appreciate your continued support of effective leardership.    

Budget Update Memo pdf