2/6 - PRIORITY: Online Bullying Reporting Form on School Websites; Read Admin. Circular 48 for Instructions

An Online Bullying Reporting Form has been created and is live on the district and school websites. This online form can be used by San Diego Unified students to report being bullied or by someone witnessing a San Diego Unified student being bullied.  Here is the link to the form:  www.sandiegounified.org/reportbullying .

A link entitled "Report Bullying" has been added to all school websites that are on www.sandiegounfied.org platform. It is posted in the left-hand Site Shortcuts column. If your school is on another platform, you will be responsible for adding the link to your website.

When a form is completed and submitted, an email will automatically go to the principal of the school where the bullying is allegedly taking place, and to the Office of Youth Advocacy. The expectation is that an investigation will begin within 5 days.

Review Administrative Circular 48, Site Process for Investigations of Discrimination and Bullying Complaints, for complete instructions, and Administrative Procedure 6381, Bullying and Intimidation, and AP 0122, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in District Programs and Activities, for complete information. Share this information with your school teachers and staff.

If you have questions, contact R. Vernon Moore, Office of Youth Advocacy, at rmoore@sandi.net.