11/2 - Additional information for schools serving as polling locations

The County of San Diego Registrar of Voters will be using over 80 district schools as polling locations on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, for the Presidential General Election.

The safety of our students is our priority and balancing both the needs of voters to enter polling places on Election Day and the need for school safety must be carefully managed. Our schools have served as polling places for many years without any significant incidents. Your help in maintaining a safe polling place for everyone is appreciated.

If your school is being used for election purposes, please take a few minutes to brief your school staff on the following:

Prior to the election, educate staff, students and parents on security challenges that may arise from an increase in visitors from the community, and make sure they know about Election Day security procedures. Make sure your staff is aware of heightened security procedures and the need for them to be extra vigilant and highly visible on Election Day.

Discuss and review school-specific polling location, parking procedures, designated polling entrance and exit locations, and emergency communications.  If possible, designate off-campus parking for voters. Restrict public access only to the area of the school where the polling place is located.  Ensure adequate signage is in place to direct voters to the polling place, for both entrances and exits.

Make sure poll workers and school staff have and display proper identification and are easily identifiable. 

Give consideration to providing or increasing the amount of supervision in parking lots and transportation areas by campus supervision aides or other designated staff.

Provide two-way communications (telephones, two-way radio, and/or cell phones) in the voting area so polling workers and/or school staff can call for assistance if needed.

Designate a restroom in the immediate voting room area for emergency use by poll workers and voters. These restrooms should have appropriate signage and must be closed to all students.  Notify staff and students of the closure. (You do not have to provide restrooms to the general public)

Review school emergency procedures for lock-downs, evacuations, and related guidelines prior to Election Day.  Review unusual occurrence protocols such as bomb threats, chemical releases, and intruders on campus.

Conduct regular patrols including checks of building perimeter(s) and grounds before school and throughout the day for suspicious items or persons and other unusual activity. Be aware of unusual vehicles parked for prolonged periods near the school. Consider having dashboard “permits" for poll-worker vehicles.

Thank you again for making your school site available as a polling location while ensuring the continued safety of your students and staff.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact School Police Administrative Sergeant Dan Palkovic dpalkovic@sandi.net or desk (619) 725-7217.