8/24 - Change in Physical Headcount Process (Please share with staff)

Greetings Principals and School Site Staff:

First and foremost, welcome back. We look forward to working with all of you during this school year.

About this time of year, school site leadership and staff typically receive a communication reminding them of the process to conduct physical headcounts for the first two weeks of school.

For 2017-18, IT, Finance, and Pupil Accounting have worked to develop a method to use attendance data instead of requiring school sites to conduct physical headcounts for the first two weeks of school. This process will replace the need to conduct a daily headcount and allows site staff to focus on other high priority start of school activities.

In order for this daily process to be accurate, school sites must be diligent in recording their attendance timely. IT will be extracting attendance data at 10:00 A.M. daily, so please communicate to your classroom teachers to take attendance immediately after class starts. We also are aware that some schools may have a bell schedule, specifically secondary schools,  where a class does not meet at 10:00 AM and we have accounted for that situation.

We are excited to be able to transition to this new process that eliminates the need for school staff to do a physical headcount. After the first two weeks of school, we will evaluate the effectiveness of replacing the physical headcount. Communicating to your teachers to ensure attendance is taken timely will provide the most accurate accounting of students for this effort now and in future years. 

For any attendance-related questions that you may have, please contact Dea Slieff, dslieff@sandi.net in Pupil Accounting.