8/21 - SchoolMessenger Account Updates for 2017-18 School Year

Dear Principals: 

It’s time to review and update the SchoolMessenger accounts (Users, Auto Attendance Reports & Call Times) at your site for the 17-18 school year. 

Users: If you have new staff members, or others who have transferred and no longer need access to the system at your school, this is the time to make sure we have those changes. Please review this document for a list of current users at your site (sorted by site, but some are under two sites – please do a name search if you don’t see someone). This does not apply to teachers for Classroom Messenger, as all teachers automatically have access to that system. If you have a preschool and need access to that account, please indicate that as well (it’s a separate account).  

The district recommends that each school site have up to three users. This would typically include a Principal, Vice Principal and Administrative Assistant. Additional users are acceptable and can be added on a case-by-case basis. 

NEW PRINCIPALS: We have set up accounts for all new principals. If for any reason you do not have one, please contact mshaw@sandi.net

To obtain access, please submit our SchoolMessenger Access form. The below information will be needed. Once received, we'll verify with principal or department head, if necessary, that access may be granted. If you have any questions, please contact mshaw@sandi.net.

  • First and last name
  • Title 
  • E-mail address
  • Work phone number
  • Previous school site (if the proposed user had an account at another site).   

Once updates are received, user accounts will be created, deleted or transferred, as appropriate. Please allow at least 48 hours for account creation. The individual’s employee ID and password will gain them access to SchoolMessenger. No welcome message will be sent, but we will notify you and the individuals that the accounts have been created.

Auto Attendance Reports: If you have a new attendance clerk who needs to receive the Daily Attendance Reports that result from the auto attendance calls, please email mshaw@sandi.net with the name and email address. The same goes for individuals receiving reports that no longer need them.

Auto Attendance Call Times: Call times for auto attendance calls DO carry over from the previous year. No action is required if no changes are needed. You can check your call times in PowerSchool (Setup>School>Attendance Call Times). Please email mshaw@sandi.net if you need to modify your call times or number of calls. This cannot be done at the school level – it must be done at the district level.  

Training: There are currently no in-person trainings scheduled. If that changes, principals will be notified. SchoolMessenger offers webinars: please have new users sign up at: 

If you have any questions about SchoolMessenger, please contact Jennifer Rodriguez in Communications at jcornelius@sandi.net or 619-725-5598.