8/18 – Free & Reduced Price Meal Applications and the LCFF Survey

With so many forms for parents at the start of the school year, it is essential to know what each form is and the importance of having your students’ families complete and return them.

Please review the School Cheat Sheet for Meal Applications and watch the below video.  We are hoping that these tools will help your school achieve a 100% return rate for the meal application or LCFF survey. 

If you are a principal at a school that requires the Free & Reduced-Price Meal Application, please complete the yellow “Request for Student Application Report” form included in the red packet you received along with the free & reduced-price meal applications. 

The report will allow you to determine which of your students has not turned in a current meal application; helping families avoid accruing unpaid meal debt and helping your school receive important funding.

You will only receive the student application report if the form is filled out, signed by the principal and returned to Food & Nutrition Services. 

If you have questions regarding the Free & Reduced-Price Meal Application, please contact Jennifer Marrone in Food Services at jmarrone@sandi.net.