8/17 - List of departments, information and links to help with Back to School preparation

Dear Principals:

We understand that back-to-school is a busy time of year and knowing which departments to reach out to for information can be challenging. To assist you, we have compiled a list of select departments, highlighted services they provide and included links to relevant information. Inclusion in this list was voluntary (departments submitted information), but a comprehensive list of all departments can be found on the Staff Portal under ‘Departments.” The A-Z Index may also be helpful to find topical items such as directories, Illuminate and Rely Resource Library. Each department is working to update their Staff Portal site with current information and contact information. Reach out to them if you need assistance. 

The Staff Portal provides information specific to staff. It includes news and events, as well as resources to help employees do their job more efficiently.  The district website (sandiegounified.org) has information for parents, prospective parents and the community about academics, initiatives, curriculum and more. If the information you are looking for pertains to just staff, it’s likely on the Staff Portal. If it pertains to parents, staff and the public, you’ll likely find it on the district website.   

If you have any questions about the information included below or links are not working properly, please contact the department directly. This Virtual Information Fair” is taking the place of our annual Information Fair that we’ve traditionally held at the Back to School Management/Principals Institutes in past years. 

The below table is available in Word, or viewable below. Apologies for the formatting issues. 


Services they provide

Information/documents and links


Accounts Payable

·         Supplier invoice processing and payments

·         Travel and expense prepayments and reimbursements

·         PCard program document retention and compliance reviews

·         Accounts Payable Vendor Assignment Lists  

·         Successful Payment Processing Guide

·         Quick Reminder Checklist


Office of College, Career & Technical Education


·         Curriculum and Instruction to CTE teachers/programs,

·         Resources and supplies for CTE programs including facility upgrades

·         Professional Development - training in Project Based Learning, cross curricular integration and Linked Learning

·         Work-based Learning Opportunities - guest speakers, field trips, job shadows and internships




·         Crisis Communications

·         Media Relations

·         Event Promotion

·         Strategic Communication (School site)

·         SchoolMessenger

·         Peachjar

·         Facilities Bond Program: Props S/Z

·         Facts for Parents Booklets

·         When to contact Communications

·         Facilities Bond Programs

·         SchoolMessenger

·         Peachjar


Energy/Utilities Management

·         Recycling and waste management

·         Energy conservation

·         Recycling: http://www.sdusdsustainability.com/


Environmental Health & Safety Management

·         Occupational Safety

·         Hazardous material and hazardous waste management



Facilities Planning and Construction

Facilities Planning and Construction manages the implementation of the school facilities bond program to repair, renovate and revitalize district schools. Bond projects include classroom technology, safety and security upgrades, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades, new/renovated facilities for College, Career and Technical Education, temporary classrooms replaced by permanent classrooms, air conditioning, ADA improvements to athletic facilities, turf fields, and other capital improvements.

·         To learn what capital bond funded improvements are planned for your specific school: https://fpcprojects.sandi.net/Pages/default.aspx

·         Bond Site Discretionary Fund Portal

·         Hot Weather Operations and Air Conditioning Program


Fiscal Control

·         Purchase Card administration

·         ASB Banking


* If you have any changes to your ASB checking account signers and/or P-Card account holders, please email jnguyen1@sandi.net and arolfe@sandi.net .

·         Purchase Card Forms (located on the Finance page of the Staff Portal)


Food & Nutrition Services

·         Free & Reduced-Price Meal Applications: Find out everything you need to know about free & reduced-price meal applications and how striving for a 100% return rate is beneficially not only for your students, but for your school too.

·         Provision 2 and CEP schools - Your families don't need to fill out the free & reduced-price meal form, but they do need to fill out the LCFF funding form. Find out why.

·         MealViewer - We have switched over to a new, exciting digital menu app! Students, parents and school staff can view school menus, nutrition and allergen information, and also school announcements. Learn more about this new digital tool and how it can help you in communicating with your students and their families.

·         Healthier Schools - Did you know there are state and federal guidelines to what foods can be sold on school campuses? The California Smart Snacks regulations apply to any foods being sold on campus during school until 30 minutes after the last bell - that includes fundraisers, student stores, etc. Find out how to keep your students healthier by ensuring only compliant foods are sold and used in classroom celebrations at your school.

·         Free & Reduced-Price Meal Applications: https://www.sandi.net/staff/food-services/free-reduced-price-meal-applications#

·         Provision 2 and CEP schools  https://www.sandi.net/staff/food-services/free-reduced-price-meal-applications#

·         MealViewer: https://www.mealviewer.com/family-home/

·         Healthier Schools: https://www.sandiegounified.org/competitivefoods


Integrated Technology Division

·         Integrated Technology Priority Phone Line: The IT Priority Phone Line exists to ensure principals are able to receive immediate support on urgent technical issues that may impact their work directly. For access information and details, please click here. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bfRmvWfkUJyTqKolAF3xm_1r6NCxyi6kSNJt34XWJ0Q/edit)


·         Instructional Technology:

  • Collaborate with the Offices of Leadership of Learning and Secondary Schools to support student-centered coaching cycles
  • Provides district wide resources to support teachers in thoughtful integration of technology

Help Desk Technical Support: https://www.sandi.net/staff/help-desk/help-desktechnical-support

Link to Integrated Technology FAQs: https://www.sandi.net/staff/integrated-technology-support-services-itss/frequently-asked-questions




Instructional Facilities Planning Department

The Instructional Facilities Planning Department develops forecasts, reports, and recommendations that support the district’s short- and long-range planning decisions. The department also develops annual school and district enrollment forecasts; develops and maintains school attendance boundaries and provides this information to the public; manages facilities allocation to charter schools under Proposition 39.



Instructional Resources and Materials Department


·         Williams Legislation and Sufficiency of Instructional Materials – Provides Information and support for all schools in San Diego Unified to comply with sufficiency of instructional materials requirements and for schools subject to an annual Williams legislation audit by the County Office of Education.

·         Instructional Materials Office – Provides district-adopted and supplemental instructional materials support to all district schools sites and central offices.

·         Instructional Media Center (IMC) – Provides multimedia instructional materials, elementary curriculum library print materials, and an Art Room to San Diego Unified School District employees.

·         Cataloging and Instructional Materials Reporting – Maintains the Follett Destiny Library/Textbook/Resource Databases supporting library, textbook, and digital device circulation, inventory, and reporting for all district schools and central offices.

·         Library Services to Schools – Provides professional development and support to students, staff, parents, and community members to become effective users of library resources and technology.

·         Instructional Resources and Materials Department

·         Williams Legislation and Sufficiency of Instructional Materials

·         Instructional Materials Office

·         Instructional Media Center (IMC)

·         Cataloging and Instructional Materials Reporting

·         Library Services to Schools


Labor Relations

·         Represent the District in the collective bargaining process; negotiate agreements with the bargaining units

·         Hear Step 3 grievances

·         Administer tuition reimbursement

·         Assist with collective bargaining issues

·         Educate administrative staff regarding employment-related contract compliance

All labor relations documents and information can be found on the Labor Relations Page on the district’s Staff Portal.


Legal Services

·         Interpretation of court documents, such as custody orders.

·         Legal advice regarding issues pertaining to your school.

·         Legal representation of District staff in matters pertaining to District business.



Online Learning

·         Online credit recovery for remediation to recover graduation credits and first time classes for acceleration to district student.

·         Math and English support through online assessment and individualized learning plans for small group instruction.

·         Professional development for staff to incorporate online components into a blended classroom.

·         Site visits to assist sites in incorporating the iNacol standards in the credit recovery classroom.




Payroll provides management tools to assist principals and department heads with overseeing payroll transactions at the local level. The tools posted on the web page for principals and department heads within the Payroll web site provide guidance on timekeeper responsibility, late reporting and financial accountability, what timekeepers should know and a welcome back flyer with reminders for overseeing payroll transactions.

Payroll Tools For Managers



Physical Education

·         Professional Development

·         FITNESSGRAM reports

·         Best Practices Pamphlet

Physical Education (Public Website)



Physical Plant Operations (PPO)

·         Building maintenance planning and repair. The District's inventory of buildings includes 14.8 million square feet of buildings situated on 2,600 acres of developed property.

·         PPO includes: Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Services, Custodial Services, Landscape, and Integrated Pest Management. Our responsibilities cover all fixed assets within the District's property line, i.e., parking lots, lunch courts, playgrounds, underground water and sewer systems, electrical systems, communication systems, and of course, the structure itself.

·         When making a work request, sites should use the iService Desk at http://pposervices.sandi.net/ to create the request and track the status. When there is an emergency during business hours, call the Work Order Desk at (858) 627-7250.  For emergencies after hours, call School Police at (619) 291-7678.

All proposed modifications to a school site by volunteers require the self-help form be submitted with the Principal’s signature.  Site self-help projects and/or donations will be reviewed by PPO staff for approval. More information is available on the site self-help projects website: https://www.sandiegounified.org/site-self-help-projects .

·         Work order query - https://www.sandi.net/schools/sites/default/files_link/schools/files/Domain/132/Facilities Planning docs/iSD Query Diagram.pdf

·         Zone Management List - https://www.sandi.net/staff/sites/default/files_link/staff/docs/operations-division/ZONE MANAGEMENT LIST 08-16-2016_0.pdf



Police Services

·         School Police exists to keep you and your students safe, and to protect the health of our diverse learning environment.

·         Officers also focus on "asset protection", working to ensure that the district buildings, equipment and materials necessary for instruction are available each and every day.

·         School Police is a resource for all students, staff, and parents.  We are a customer service agency available for anything from emergency situations to guidance on how best to help a troubled youth.

·         When in doubt, call School Police and ask how we can help.

·         Comprehensive School Safety Plan--https://www.sandi.net/staff/police-services/comprehensive-school-safety-plan

**Unfortunate circumstances dictated School Police eliminate the Safe Schools Unit, effective July 1, 2017.  A circular--and posting on Principal's Page--is forthcoming to detail procedures and timelines for principals to complete their Comprehensive Site Safety Plan [CSSP]).  



Public Information Office

·         Strategic Communications (district)

·         Marketing

·         Social Media



Quality Assurance Office

·         The Quality Assurance Office collaborates with students and their families, staff, and community members to address inquiries, concerns and complaints.

·         Assists with facilitating resolution of concerns and complaints in a timely and objective manner with site administrators and their families.

·         Resource for questions regarding district policies, procedures, Education Code, State and Federal Laws and best practices with school-related operational questions.

·         QAO Overview

·         QAO Protocols

·         QAO Flowchart

·         QAO Org chart

·         Fraud Hotline



Real Estate/Rentals

The Real Estate Department provides the District leadership in the areas of strategic portfolio planning and optimization, property management and information related to easements, assessments, encroachments, permits, leases, licenses, and developer fees. The Real Estate Department should be consulted and contacted regarding the use of district facilities, or any use by district staff of non-district owned facilities, as agreements may be required and must be approved by the Board of Education.

·         To submit a request for use of facilities please complete the Rental Request Form (Microsoft Word or pdf) and email the form to rentals@sandi.net . *See also: Current Civic Center Rate Schedule

·         FAQ on rentals

·         Information on Joint Use


Risk Management

·         Onsite Workers Compensation presentations for principals and admin support, plus review/update of mandated postings for DOI compliance;

·         Resource/support for District property loss claims and reimbursement;

·         Resource/support for Special events, activities review, student insurance and insurance requirements for off campus activities;

·         Resource/support for questions re Workers' Compensation and Return to Work assignments, Unemployment claims and benefits, student accident reporting and liability claims against the District.


* Any questions? Please call Risk @ (858) 627-7345.

Onsite WC presentations may be requested by calling Risk Management. Links to the other topics are found on the Risk Management web page.


San Diego Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting Program (SANDAPP)

We can help teens overcome the social, health, educational, and economic challenges of adolescent pregnancy and parenting. SANDAPP services are free to eligible pregnant and parenting teens throughout San Diego County.

Case Management: Monthly contacts that include positive school/home visitations that support the teens’ educational and career goals and strengthen their self-sufficiency skills.

Referrals: Our case managers will assist the teens and their children in accessing the appropriate community services.

Assessments: Our case managers meet with all eligible teens and assess their strengths and needs to provide individualized service.


* Our program serves both male and female teen parents, their children, and families.



Office of Secondary Schools

·         Support for Coaching and Certification Instrument (CCI) to measure and report on progress, while ensuring continuous improvement.

·         Support with sites with AVID implementation requirements

·         Ongoing professional development for coordinators and elective teachers

Information on AVID: https://www.sandi.net/staff/secondary-schools-office/avid


Sexual Health Education Program

·         Provide letter template to send home to parents/guardians notifying them of the required sexual health instruction and how to preview the curriculum

·         Facilitate curriculum previews by providing curriculum overview PowerPoints and a packet of print resources for parents/guardians

·         Train site-designated teachers in the district's approved sexual health curriculum

·         Collaborate directly with site-based teachers to implement sexual health lessons effectively and with fidelity


* We suggest that the Parent Notification Letter Template (in applicable languages for your site) be filled out with your school's specific information and be sent home in the Enrollment Packet given to all students at the beginning of the year and to all new students. In addition, these letters can also be sent home two weeks before the instruction as an additional reminder. Sending the letter home with students and sending a SchoolMessenger phone/email notice to parents regarding this letter is also recommended.

·         Parent Notification Parent Templates and Preview Resources: https://www.sandi.net/staff/sexual-health-education/parent-preview-resources  

·         Opt Out of Instructions: https://www.sandiegounified.org/opt-out-instruction

·         Curriculum Overview: https://www.sandiegounified.org/SHEP-curriculum

·         Teacher Training Information: https://www.sandi.net/staff/sites/default/files_link/staff/docs/sexual-health/SHEP_3RsPD_17-18.pdf


Special Education Division

·         Work in partnership to serve and support students with disabilities across all settings, ensuring a student-centered focus committed to the success of each and every child.

·         Provide professional learning opportunities

·         Problem solve collaboratively

·         Support M/S Cluster Classrooms

School Start Documents: https://www.sandi.net/staff/special-education/school-start-documents




Special Projects (Instruction)

·         Assisting principals with district policies and procedures:  the district is converting its current policies and Administrative Procedures to California School Boards Association (CSBA) format and numbering.  Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR) are posted to the district website as they are approved by the Board of Education.  Marty Stultz is available to walk principals and school staffs through the conversion process; e-mail mstultz@sandi.net for assistance.

·         Assisting principals in understanding the content of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP): The LCAP is the district's work plan for the year.  It is composed of six Goals with related Actions and Services that are related to Vision 2020/Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood:

o   Goal 1 - Closing the Achievement Gap with High Expectations for All

o   Goal 2 - Access to Broad and Challenging Curriculum

o   Goal 3 - Quality Leadership, Teaching and Learning

o   Goal 4 - Positive School Environment, Climate and Culture

o   Goal 5 - Family and Community Engagement

o   Goal 6 - Districtwide Support Services and Communications

·         Marty Stultz is available to walk principals and school staffs through the LCAP document and provide general information on how the LCAP is related to the SBB process and the district budget; e-mail mstultz@sandi.net for assistance.

·         Bulletins and Circulars: https://www.sandiegounified.org/node/481 

·         LCAP: https://www.sandiegounified.org/what-lcap


Strategic Sourcing & Contracts (Procurement & Purchasing)

·         Contracts, MOUs, Partnerships, Agreements

·         Purchasing, Bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

·         Supplier and Vendor Information




Teaching and Learning Department


·         Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) Information and Support

·         Middle School Excursion Opportunities

·         Unlocking the Genius (UTG) Information and Support for Grades 6-12

·         https://www.sandi.net/staff/secondary-schools-office/apib-resources#

·         https://www.sandi.net/staff/secondary-schools-office/middle-school-excursions

·         https://www.sandi.net/staff/secondary-schools-office/unlocking-genius-utg-grades-6-12#


Teacher Preparation and Support

·         The Teacher Preparation and Support Department works in collaboration with other divisions, departments, and external entities to oversee federal, state and local credentialing and compliance initiatives.

·         The department plans, organizes, evaluates, and directs the preparation of professional educators along a continuum of experience, from aspiring to veteran.


New Teacher Orientation:

·         Mandatory training under new state legislature AP 119.  Please release teachers who are new hires, new to the district to attend.

o   Thursday, August 24th from 8:00-12:00 @ Taft Middle School Auditorium.

o   Additional information will be sent out by August 11, 2017.


Student Teaching Program and Master Teachers:

·         We have 17 local institution of higher education partnerships.  Schools sites may only host student teachers from district approved universities.  Refer interested Student Teacher candidates who come to your sites back to their universities for placement.  Refer to our department Student Teacher Procedure.

·         Please review AP 7238.  Supervising "master" teachers at school sites must have a site administrator recommendation form on file with our department and have attended the district training in the past.  A current list of approved master teachers is posted on our department website on the left under student teaching.  For teachers who are interested in becoming a master teacher, no district training will be offered until further notice. 

·         More information will be coming in September 2017 regarding changes in the district policy along with mandatory master teacher training coming from the universities and California Teaching Commission.  Please refer interested student teachers or master teachers to our department through Amparo Armenta aromo@sandi.net

Teacher Intern Programs:

·         The district may employ interns as needed in critical staffing areas.  Interns enroll directly with the university and are hired by Human Resources through the universities, as needed.  This includes Short Term Staff Permits (STSP).

·         Interns are recommended for Preliminary California teaching credentials upon successful completion of their programs.

·         Our department provides mandatory support to interns at sites per the California Teaching Commission and the SDEA Collective Negotiated Contract.  Hours of support are provided weekly, and vary due to multiple factors.  For questions and information about intern placement and support please contact our department through Eileen Davis edavis@sandi.net  


Peer Assistance & Review (PAR):

·         This program provides support for teachers who have received unsatisfactory performance evaluations as well as teachers who request voluntary support in accordance with Article 18 of the SDEA Collective Negotiated Contract.  This includes a district PAR panel comprised of 2 administrators and 3 SDEA selected representatives.

·         Exemplary teachers from our department assist peers who are seeking improvement in their practice.  Consulting teachers from this program design individualized plans to provide teachers with targeted support.  For information or questions, please contact our Program at par@sandi.net


Teacher Induction:

·         This district based program is in the final year for district employees from 2016-2017 who need to complete a Commission-approved program to earn a clear teaching credential through an induction program.   We are not accepting new employees or any first year induction applications at this time.

·         Please direct new district employees with preliminary credentials to contact local universities or the County Office of Education for Induction Program eligibility and options for 2017-2018.


Educators Rising (formerly Future Educators Association):

·         This network of people is committed to developing highly skilled teachers for the 21st century through clubs established at district high schools.

·         Each club is sponsored by a teacher leader who is dedicated to promoting the teaching profession by garnering student interest in pursuing teaching careers.

·         For more information, or to learn how your school can participate, contact: Lourdes Huerta at lhuerta@sandi.net

·         Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT)

·         Our department also coordinates with state agencies regarding subject matter competence under this 2015 federal reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB. 

·         New information and guidance will be communicated as it becomes available.

·         For questions regarding HQT requirements or to begin the process of acquiring compliance contact Amparo Armenta at aromo@sandi.net

Department Website:



AP 7238:



Student Teacher Placement Procedure:



Approved Supervising/Master Teacher Database:




·         Guiding Legislation: Assembly Bill 680 (Chapter 706, Statutes of 2006). The California Department of Education, Code (EC) Section 48985 mandates translation services for schools that have 15% or more pupils enrolled in a public school that speak a single primary language other than English. 

·         Mandated Languages 2017: Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino (Tagalog). We also provide translation/interpretation services in Arabic, Cambodian and Somali. (There is no charge to your cost center for written document translations in the above languages.)

·         Services Provided:

o   Translation (written documents)

o   Interpretation (oral)

·         Global Village Language Bank:  Contract that covers interpretation (Oral) in 100+ languages and is used for emergencies, at risk students, parent meetings, etc.

Public website: https://www.sandiegounified.org/translation-department




·         Bus Evacuation Schedule

·         Ridership Policies and Procedures

·         Field Trip Transportation

·         Documents and Forms: https://www.sandi.net/staff/transportation/documents-and-forms

·         Field Trips: https://www.sandi.net/staff/transportation/field-trips


Visual & Performing Arts Department

·         Resources for visual art, dance, music and theatre

·         Professional development and curriculum development for the arts

·         Elementary Grades 4-6 music programming

·         Arts education project: providing visiting arts teachers

·         Learning through the Arts: providing arts integration

Strategic Arts Plan: https://www.sandiegounified.org/visual-and-performing-arts-vapa

Pathways in the Visual & Performing Arts: https://www.sandiegounified.org/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/visual_and_performing_arts_%28vapa%29/VAPA_handbook.pdf

Learning Through the Arts: https://www.sandiegounified.org/learning-through-arts

Arts Education Project: https://www.sandiegounified.org/learning-through-arts