8/10 - Update on restroom signage for all single-user toilet facilities

Dear Principals:

This memo is to inform you of the status to update restroom signage for all single-user toilet facilities throughout the district.  Per State Assembly Bill 1732, all businesses, schools and government offices that serve the public are required to designate all single-user toilet facilities as all-gender restrooms. 

Physical Plant Operations’ goal was to have all signage in place before the start of school, however due to delayed production of signs and changes in staffing levels, this will not occur.  We realize that your site may have students who prefer and feel more comfortable using an all-gender single staff restroom.  Until permanent signage is installed, we have included a temporary sign that you can print out and attach to a restroom door.  Permanent signs will be installed in the next couple months.  If you would like your school’s schedule, please contact Physical Plant Operations at (858) 627-7171.