6/5 - Cal Coast Cares Foundation Educators Grant to fund STEAM learning opportunities

Cal Coast Cares Foundation Educator’s Grant Program

Cal Coast Cares Foundation is proud to announce an Educator’s Grant program to provide monetary support to the educational community by funding learning opportunities for students in the STREAM subject categories of science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math. Grants range in amount from $500 to $2000.


Deadline is June 30, 2017

Criteria for funding:

1.Eligible institutions include: K-12 public, charter schools and community colleges in San Diego and Southern Riverside counties.

2.The focus of the grant must address a clear and compelling need that is currently not receiving federal or state funding.

3.The number of students impacted.

4.Clearly defined, realistic and measurable objectives.

5.Documentation of the educator’s experience in the subject category.

6.A detailed budget and implementation plan for the funds. 

7.A completed evaluation report must be submitted at the end of the project.

8.Submit a grant application packet with all required components, to California Coast Credit Union, postmarked no later than June 30, 2017 -- no exceptions will be made.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

B.Each grant will be payable no later than December 31, 2017.  

C.The award will be determined by the Grant Awards Committee appointed by the Cal Coast Cares Foundation Board. 

D.Credit union staff, officials and their families are not eligible to participate in the grant program.

E.Please send application to:California Coast Credit Union

Attn: Cal Coast Cares Foundation 

Grant Awards Committee

P.O. Box 502080, 

San Diego, CA  92150-2080


F.For information:Community Relations Department

(858) 636-4233 or (858) 636-4229