1/30 - Flier distribution at school sites does not require district approval, please share policy with staff

Dear Principals:

The district’s Flier Approval Guidelines were updated in December of 2015 to provide clarity to school sites on which fliers should be approved for distribution directly to students. These guidelines are based on advertising policies and procedures outlined in the District Policy Manual and Administrative Procedure 9350. Please take a moment to review these guidelines and share them with staff responsible for approving fliers. These guidelines also apply to schools using Peachjar.

Notable changes/updates include:

  • Central Office approval is no longer necessary. Principal or designee provides approval.
  • Fliers must meet the criteria outlined in these guidelines in order to be distributed. The criteria are taken directly from AP 9350.
  • Literature and publicity advertising athletic or sports-related activities for youth should only be approved if offered by a nonprofit public organization.
  • Literature and publicity advertising academic instruction programs or activities sponsored by the parks and recreation departments or public entities must relate to core subjects. Core subjects include: English language arts, mathematics, science, history-social studies, world languages, physical education, and visual and performing arts. 
  • Fliers that solicit district students for research studies, whether the study involves students a single school or at multiple schools, must first be approved by the Research Proposal Review Panel within the Research and Development Department.

Questions regarding these guidelines may be directed to the Communications Department at 619-725-5578 or by emailing flierapproval@sandi.net.

Thank you.