1/23 - Information from district, SDEA regarding Preparation Time Program

TO:               Elementary Principals and Vice Principals

                     SDEA Representatives

                     Preparation Time Teachers                  

FROM:         SDUSD–SDEA Preparation Time Committee

DATE:         December 20, 2016

SUBJECT:   Preparation Time Program


The SDUSD-SDEA Preparation Time Committee is a joint committee charged with monitoring and implementing the preparation time program.  The committee sends this memo as a reminder of the provisions related to the preparation time program that are found in the SDUSD-SDEA Collective Negotiations Contract. (Memo in PDF); Change In Prep Time Subject Emphasis Form

Below are reminders to help your school site successfully implement its preparation time program:

Each elementary site must have a Preparation Time Advisory Committee.

Section Each site shall have a Preparation Time Advisory Committee to assist with the operation (i.e. selection, scheduling, problem solving, etc.) of this program.  The Committee should consist of the principal, the association representative, preparation time teachers and other(s) the site deems appropriate. (SDUSD-SDEA Collective Negotiations Contract)

Each site must have a Site Governance Team that, among other duties, must approve a change in prep time subject emphasis and the elimination of positions.

Section 8.6.3. Requests for change in subject emphasis for the following year shall be determined by the shared decision-making process, shall be submitted to the Preparation Time Committee by February 1 and shall be considered in accordance with the district preparation time procedures.  Affected preparation time teachers shall be afforded the opportunity to present their views and participate in the discussion prior to the final decision of the governance team.  (SDUSD-SDEA Collective Negotiations Contract) 

Whenever a site governance team contemplates the elimination of an existing bargaining unit position, the debate and discussion shall take place at open meetings and affected unit members shall be informed and afforded the opportunity to speak.  (SDUSD-SDEA Collective Negotiations Contract, Section 24.5.1; see also Section 24.5.2)                                                          

If possible, additional preparation time above the 45-60 (Grades TK-3) or 55-60 (Grades 4-5) minutes per week minimum should be given.

Section The release time per classroom teacher should be a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes to an hour per week for grades TK-3 and fifty-five (55) minutes to an hour per week for grades 4-6.  (See Appendix H for part-time certificated assignments.)  Additional preparation time should be given if possible.  (SDUSD-SDEA Collective Negotiations Contract)

If you have general questions about the prep time program you may contact your assigned Human Resources Officer or SDEA Contract Specialist.