8/15 - FINAL Smarter Balanced Results Available in Illuminate

The FINAL Smarter Balanced Assessment results for 2017 are now available in the Illuminate. The data are still incomplete and subject to corrections/updates; this is particularly true for year-round schools that, in a few cases, have no results. Those using the reports should pay attention to the numbers of results to gauge the completeness. The “preliminary” results have been cleared. The job aid has been updated with detailed instructions on how to use the year-to-year comparison features in many of the reports and references to the preliminary reports have been removed: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6RhIpcOXiipY2pmb29wOEhDTnM . A link to the job aid is also posted in the Bulletin on the Dashboard in Illuminate for quick reference while using Illuminate.