6/1 Math Readiness Assessment- Opportunity to Test New Students

Math Readiness Assessment- Opportunity to Test New Students

The Math Readiness Assessment is used as one indicator in determining proper placement into the secondary math pathways.  The testing window has been re-opened in order to accommodate students newly enrolled to the district and for those students who were not tested in March/April.  The window will remain open until the end of September 2018.


Schools may administer the Math Readiness Assessment online via Illuminate for students currently enrolled or pre-enrolled in PowerSchool. The following job aids provide step-by-step instructions for administering the online assessments,  Illuminate Quick Steps - Setting up an Online Hybrid Assessment - Teacher's Instructions and Illuminate Quick Steps - Taking an Online Hybrid Assessment - Student's Instructions  Schools may order paper/pencil test materials for students who are not enrolled or pre-enrolled.  Test materials may be ordered by completing and submitting a material request form found at https://www.sandi.net/staff/assessment-services/math-readiness-assessment. Students must be pre-enrolled in PowerSchool in order for the test to be scanned/scored in Illuminate.


For more information, please contact Velvet Wright in Assessment Services at vwright@sandi.net .