5/29 New CA Health Education Framework

The CA State Board of Education adopted a new CA Health Education Framework on May 9th, 2019. This framework provides health education guidelines for California teachers in grades K-12 and was updated with recent legislation such as the CA Healthy Youth Act, which governs Sex Ed in California and has been in effect since January 2016. The Health Framework provides guidelines and not requirements, excepting the sexual health content that is required to be implemented in middle and high school [CA Ed Code §51934(a)]. Our district fulfills this requirement by providing Sex Ed in grades 6, 8, and high school.
To clarify:

  • Our district’s middle and high school Sex Ed curriculum will not be changing from what was adopted three years ago, as our curriculum already reflects the requirements of the CA Healthy Youth Act.
  • At this point in time, the Sexual Health Education Program does not have plans to implement sexual health instruction in grades lower than grade 6.
  • Parents/guardians do and will continue to have the right to opt their child out of sexual health instruction. This legal right is stated in CA Ed Code §51938(a) as well as on our program’s website on the Opt Out of Instruction page.