3/7 - Opportunity for schools currently not participating in Core Academy: Supporting Student Achievement Success (CASSAS), formerly known as ‘Saturday School’

Core Academy: Supporting Student Achievement Success (CASSAS) program, (formerly known as Saturday School) offers an opportunity for school administrators to maximize their engagement efforts in the Common Core State Standards Systems Implementation Plan (CCSS) to help prepare students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the ongoing demands of the 21st Century.  

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY:  All schools may offer CASSAS on Saturdays throughout the school year, providing students with the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the program for academic support and/or to make up a missed instructional day occurring on or before the P2 reporting date (August 29, 2016 - March 24, 2017). Parental permission is required for participating students.  Each qualified recovered full day absence provides a school site with additional revenue to cover CASSAS expenses, such as certificated and classified staff hourly pay, instructional materials, transportation, field trips, etc.  

To ensure program quality and meet state compliance, schools with an interest in implementing a CASSAS program need to attend a mandatory training. The training will help prepare school personnel implement their program based on their students’ needs while meeting federal, state and district compliance requirements. The CASSAS program is funded by the schools Average Daily Attendance (ADA) recovery for eligible full day absences utilized to coordinate and plan future CASSAS based on student needs.  

Two CASSAS trainings will be offered on each Friday, March 10 and March 17; 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  The trainings will be at the Instructional Media Center (IMC). Please sign up in ERO (you only need to attend one training).  The training is intended for Principals, site coordinators and/or staff that will work on completing the CASSAS workbook and reports.  During the training staff will be provided:

  • The CASSAS Handbook 
  • Annual Schedule
  • Program expectations
  • Attendance compliance and procedures
  • Electronic CASSAS excel workbook. 

For questions or further information please contact Maria Lopez in the Extended Learning Opportunities Department at mlopez8@sandi.net / (858) 503-1879.