2/7 - 2017-18 AVID site license requests now being accepted through Feb. 17

Requests for 2017-18 AVID site license will be accepted from February 1-17.   This form https://goo.gl/forms/kSDbWzINw4VhgvZn1 is used to request district funding for AVID licensing.  Sites requesting funding must be in good standing with submission of the AVID Site Information Form, AVID Site Team Plan, Initial Self-Study (ISS), Secondary Data, Certification Self-Study (CSS), Senior Data (high schools only) per the timeline provided at the start of the year by the Central Office AVID District Director as outlined in Site Operations Circular 1021 (posted 5/12/16).  Sites new to AVID may request district funding for licensing using this form.

AVID license request form:  https://goo.gl/forms/kSDbWzINw4VhgvZn1

For questions, please contact Mia Funk, Director, Reconnection, 619-725-7289, mfunk@sandi.net or R. Mike Harris, 619-725-7308, rharris@sandi.net