1/5 - 2016 Fall FITNESSGRAM Results - Now Available

The FITNESSGRAM results from the fall administration are now available!  The hard-copies of the results will be delivered via school mail starting January 6.  The following will be included with the results:

  • Two copies of the individual student and parent report; one copy is to be sent home with the student and the other copy is to be filed in the student’s cum folder.
  • Summary results for the school by grade level and summary results by teacher. 

The results are also available in Illuminate.  The Cumulative FITNESSGRAM report for Grades 9-12 in Illuminate has been updated with the results from the 2016 Fall FITNESSGRAM Administration.  To access the results in Illuminate, go to District Favorites on the Dashboard and type “FITNESSGRAM” in the Search box.  Please see the job aid more details for accessing the report in Illuminate posted at https://www.sandi.net/staff/assessment-services/fitnessgram-physical-fitness-test-pft .

 If you have any questions regarding the results, please contact Sonya Hill at shill1@sandi.net.