1/26 - Black History Month speech contest for students in grades 2-12

2017 Black History Month Speech Contest

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
5:30-7:30 PM

Malcolm X Library
5148 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92114

Sign up for one of the grade levels to give a 3-minute speech about an African American person throughout Black History and win a PRIZE! Contestants must be a student enrolled at any school located in San Diego County.

Grade Level Participation:

Elementary 2nd – 5th grade

Middle School

High School

Details: Below and also available on the Association of African American Educators website.

Topic/Person: Each contestant shall choose the person for his/her speech. Students must compose a biography speech based on the life and legacy of an African American person throughout history. There are no restrictions regarding the choice of the person the student wants to portray. If a contestant is in doubt about the appropriateness of a person, he or she should check with the Association of African American Educators Executive Board at sandiegoaaae@gmail.com.

Students must perform the biography speech in full character (character dress up) in front of a panel of judges. These are to be dramatic speech presentations. Enthusiasm, good eye contact, and movement are encouraged; however, the student should not go to high extremes. Content should be relevant and in good taste. All speeches must be the original work of the student.

Winners of the contest will be asked to present the same speech given at the preceding level contests at the 25th Annual Association of African American Educators Conference on Friday, March 17th. All participants will receive Black History Apparel with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners being acknowledge with a trophy. 1st place winner from each level will also receive a two week scholarship at the Elementary Institute of Science.

Length: Speeches must be at least 3 minutes maximum. Penalty points will be subtracted for time infractions, at the rate of two points for every fifteen seconds or fraction thereof that a contestant’s speech runs over the 3-minute maximum.

Props: Props may be used.