1/23 2017-18 CAST Preliminary Indicators Released- Report Available in Illuminate

2017-18 CAST Preliminary Indicators Released- Report Available in Illuminate

Last year students in grades 5, 8, and 12 participated in the California Science Test (CAST) field test.  The CDE just released CAST preliminary indicators, which can be used to form a general impression of the progress your school is making in implementing the new science standards. The preliminary indicators can also provide broad and early indications of a student’s science achievement when used in conjunction with other information.  Results may be shared with parents and students.  Caution should be used when interpreting the preliminary indicator results, given that the assessments from last year were not yet operational.  This year (2018-19) the CAST is operational so students will receive a scale score and performance level.

 Follow the steps below to access the 2017-18 CAST preliminary indicators for your school/students:

1.      Log into Illuminate via SAML at https://sdusd.illuminateed.com/live/?prev_page=Main_NotDashboardPage&page=SisLogin.

2.      Click on Reports in the left navigation.

3.      Click on View Reports.

4.      Type “2017-18 California Science Test (CAST) Results” and click the Search button.

IMPORTANT: To view results for students who tested at your school, change the date to May 15, 2018 in the Control Panel located in the upper right corner.

Please contact Erin Gordon at egordon@sandi.net or Amal Morcos at amorcos@sandi.net with questions.