1/18 - Training: Effective Reading Instruction - Working better together for Gen Ed/Spec Ed teachers in grades 3-5

The Office of Leadership and Learning and the Special Education Division is offering a series of trainings to support team teaching partnership — special education and general education teams. Principals are encouraged to attend.

Please share the attached flier with your teachers.


Effective Reading Instruction: Working Better Together

Intended Audience: Grade 3-5  Special and General Education Teaching Partnerships, Resource Teachers and Principals

Session 1. What Every Reading Teacher Needs to Know  
February 6 Ballard Center Auditorium

In this session, we will review the research on best practice; deepen our understanding of reading process, strategies, and understandings; and study Interactive Read Aloud as an opportunity to explicitly teach comprehension strategies and language skills to all learners. We will apply our learnings through video studies including students who need additional support with reading.

Session 2. Shared Responsibility Makes us Stronger  
March 6 Mission Bay High School Training Center

We will study a model for shared responsibility – teachers working together, collaborative and strategically to improve reading achievement for students who need additional support. This work will include a study of shared reading and interactive writing – two instructional components in which we directly teach children how to read. We will apply our learnings through video studies including students who need additional support with reading. 

Session 3. What Does Strategic Intervention Look Like?  
April 17 Ballard Center Auditorium

This day is devoted to studying Tier 2 and Tier 3 support structures for children through discussion and video studies. The intervention work will be contextualized within: small group repeated reading, small group interactive writing, and one-on-one conferring. We will explore ways to fit intervention and collaboration into the instructional day.

Presented by Donna Marriott and Lorelei Olsen

Time: 8:30-3:00 

Teaching partnerships commit to attend all three session

Register on ERO at www.sandi.net/ero 

Contact Donna dmarriott@sandi.net or Lorelei lolsen@sandi.net for additional information

Substitutes will be paid by the Office of Leadership and Learning