1/16 Teaching Network (ITN)

The Instructional Technology Department would like to invite you to join our Innovative Teaching Network (ITN) which is a new community of educators that will meet monthly to share, to learn, and to grow with and from each other. Experience motivational guest speakers, learn from peers and collaborate with others from our district. We strongly believe this will be a wonderful opportunity to support teachers and encourage you to join us as well as invite teachers from your site.

The first monthly meeting of ITN will take place Tuesday, February 6th from 4:15 pm to 6:30 pm at the Ballard Center Auditorium with special guest speaker Dave Burgess. You won’t want to miss him!  To register, visit our website at sdusditn.com.

Feel free to contact Julie Garcia (jgarcia@sandi.net) if you have questions


The Instructional Technology Team