11/3 - ES Principals: Updated GATE Info

Dear ES Principals:

Thank you for your support with the GATE assessment process.  Testing will begin December 1 at many sites for the mid-year norming cycle. Work with you school psychologist to see if this is when your site will begin. Now is the time to get the computers ready and send permission letters home to parents. Using outdated computers was a huge problem during last years testing!

Per my previous letter - we highly recommend that GATE site teams meet to determine their testing dates, equipment and locations for this year’s testing.  There are three blocks for the CogAt Screener to choose from:

Norming Windows:
Fall       August 1 – November 30
Mid-year  December 1 – February 28
Spring  March 1 – July 31

Riverside publishing recommends the following testing times:

- Very young students might benefit by waiting until midyear when they are more comfortable with school procedures and are more likely to attend fully to the test tasks.

- To expedite receipt of test results for a school system and to keep results within the same norming window (fall, midyear, or spring), test administration at each building should occur on approximately the same dates.

- Ensure that specific testing dates do not conflict with holidays or other testing date (e.g. SBAC)

Technology Recommendations:

- A computer lab or classroom dedicated to GATE assessment.

-       Ensure browsers have been loaded to the student computers.

- If using laptops, use newer versions (older versions freeze and do not provide optimal testing environments)

- A desktop dedicated hard-wired computer is advised for the proctor.

- If experiencing problems, use An Ethernet connection with wireless turned off on the proctor device or test less than 12 students at a time).  Ethernet cables can be purchased through office depot.

- IT has recommended session of 20 or less students per test session if technology issues persist.

-      Please refer the school psychologist to the job aide for trouble shooting and contact the IT help desk if additional support is needed.


At the end of the school testing block, results will be available to distribute to parents through Illuminate.  The school psychologist will take the lead on the identification process with administrative, clerical and lead GATE teacher support.  If the school psychologist has any questions regarding the process they can contact the Senior School Psychology office.

Thank you – Jim Solo