11/2 - District and School 2016 SBAC and CST Results Available on District Webpage

A variety of district and school reports for 2016 SBAC ELA and Mathematics and CST Science (CAASPP) testing are available on the Data Analysis and Reporting webpage (https://www.sandiegounified.org/data-analysis-and-reporting). For maximum usability, it is recommended that you use this URL, not the district portal webpage for Data Analysis and Reporting, to reach these reports. When you reach this page, click on the CST Performance Levels, CST Summary Reports, or SBAC links on the reports and data summary status table, to reach the desired reports. 

Results are available by school, cluster, and district-wide, by grade level breakouts, by student subgroups, and by various student subgroups and grade level combinations.

SBAC. Three different kinds of SBAC results are displayed in the reports: achievement level distributions of students in bar graph form; tabular charts of the percentages of students who met or exceeded state grade level standards; and tabular charts of mean (average) scale scores by grade level. All reports display results for English language arts and mathematics.

CST Performance Levels. Reports for 2016 display CST science performance level distributions in bar graph form for the last five years for the school, cluster, or district as a whole and by grade level. Reports display results for grades 5, 8, and/or 10.

CST Summary Reports. These reports display the percentages of students who scored at proficient or advanced levels in CST science over the last five years for the district or for each school or cluster as a whole, by grade level, and by student subgroups. Multi-school summaries provide information for a specific student subgroup across the district and by school by grade level.