1/11 - MS/HS Principals: Please share information about our digital badge program with students, parents

Dear Principals:

Just before winter break we issued over 150 unique digital badges to more than 100,000 students (many students received multiple badges) across the district. 

Information about the district program and instructions for students who would like to accept their badges can be found at http://sandiegounified.org/badges  . We would appreciate it if you could make this link accessible on your school website, preferably (at least in the short term) on the home page in a location easily accessible by parents and students. An image of the badge can be found here if you would like use an image.

The 2015/16 school year was selected as the start date for awarding achievement. Students received badges for last year’s accomplishments only. Going forward we will issue badges twice a year after the district has semester data to pull from.

This is just the beginning. The Secondary Schools Office has the ability to support school sites and courses of study that would like to develop unique badges for their sites. Here is a link to a presentation that describes that process.  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1S1kxCcChLVcefTuaoV58OJvNS3X7ccVoXfKH5dBemGw/edit?usp=sharing  For school specific badges we will work with your site directly.

For course / content specific badges / micro-credentials (e.g., a badge for a 21st century skill tied specifically to Integrated Math II) we will develop a process that will go through central office Common Core resource teachers. 

For more information or questions please contact Michael Goodbody at 619-725-7333 or mgoodbody@sandi.net