10/26 - Spring 2017 Administration of CAASPP Science Pilot Tests

This school year, California begins a four-year development cycle for the California Science Test (CAST) and California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science, which will be a part of the CAASPP System. This spring, all students in grades five and eight and one grade in high school—grade ten, eleven, or twelve—will take either the CAST or the CAA for Science.  

  • CAST Pilot:  the CAST is a summative achievement test aligned with the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS). The CAST Pilot will include 10-25 items and a performance task.  It will be administered online using the same Test Administrator (TA) interface and secure browser as Smarter Balanced. The CAST Pilot will take approximately one hour.  
  • CAA for Science Pilot:  the CAA for Science, for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, is linked to the CA NGSS performance expectations to provide appropriate levels of challenge and rigor for these students.  The CAA for Science is for all eligible students identified through their IEP to take an alternate assessment. The CAA for Science Pilot will be administered one-on-one to students.  

For high schools, the California Department of Education (CDE) will assign a preselected grade level for the pilot testing. This means that each high school will administer the pilot test to a single grade—ten, eleven, or twelve.  We will be notified in late November as to which grade each high school will pilot test. All students in the assigned grade will be administered the pilot test, whether the CAST or CAA for Science, depending on eligibility.

Please contact Denise Ormsbee in Assessment Services with questions at dormsbee@sandi.net.