ELD Grades for Elementary Student Progress Reports


TO:                        Principals
CC:                       Theresa Laskowski, Area Superintendents, OLA, EL Coordinators
FROM:                  Sandra Cephas, Director of the Office of Language Acquisition
DATE:                   February 4, 2019
RE:                       ELD Grades for Elementary Student Progress Reports

Because PowerSchool has not yet been formatted to house ELPAC data, it cannot populate the Expected Overall Performance Level (XPL) on Elementary Student Progress Reports.  Therefore teachers will again have to enter this information into Gradebook as they did for the first reporting period.  Please see attachment for further information on how teachers determine expected student ELD performance levels and enter appropriate grades for both Written and Oral Language.

If you have technical questions regarding entering grades into Gradebook, please contact the IT Help Desk at 619-209-4357.  If you have questions regarding determining EL performance levels, please contact your English Language Instructional Resource Teacher (ELI-RT) or the Office of Language Acquisition at 619-725-7264.

Please feel free to forward this information to the appropriate personnel.