9/8 - ACTION REQUIRED: Student Wellness Policy Implementation (updated)


The Student Wellness Policy was recently approved for implementation. First steps in implementing this policy is to identify a school site wellness coordinator and determine a meeting time for your site wellness council (wellness can also be added to the agenda of an existing meeting). This year the Assessment Services Department and the Nursing and Wellness Program have combined the annual designation required by both departments on one online form, which can be found here.

Below is a copy of the approved memo regarding the student wellness policy.

The policy can be found on the district's website under Nursing and Wellness/Wellness Policy and Framework

TO: Principals
FROM: Superintendent Cindy Marten
DATE: August 18, 2016  
SUBJECT: Revision of policy H 7700 – Student Wellness / Policy Implementation

In the spring of 2015, the Board of Education took another step towards fulfilling our vision of having a quality school in every neighborhood by approving the revision of policy H-7700 Student Wellness. San Diego Unified is committed to providing an environment where students can learn to make healthy choices for lifelong health. We acknowledge the strong relationship between students’ health and learning, and that the district’s mission cannot be accomplished without explicitly planning for and supporting student health and wellness. The Board of Education realizes wellness must also be a priority. 

The district Coordinated School Health Council in collaboration with Nursing & Wellness will be providing you with support and guidance along the path to implementation.  The following is required by law:

School Year 2016-17:  LEAs are required to designate one or more LEA officials, or school officials, to ensure that each school complies with the wellness policy.

  • Principal appoints a school site wellness coordinator.
  • Principal determines an existing meeting where wellness can be added to the agenda, or makes the school site wellness council a standalone meeting.
  • Principal training will take place Summer 2016 (during Operational Day)
  • School site wellness councils will need to complete a school wellness assessment (this tool has already been created) by December 1, 2016.  
  • School Site Wellness Council will develop an action plan based on results of their school wellness assessment and provide a copy to the District Coordinated School Health Council (Program Manager – Nursing & Wellness) for inclusion into the Single Plan for Student Achievement by March 1, 2017.
  • Begin implementation of the action plan to include one wellness activity for staff and one focused on students by March 2017.
  • Annual report (rubric sent by the council) will be provided to the District Coordinated School Health Council demonstrating progress. Due each year by the end of May.

School Year 2017-18 and Beyond

  • Schools will follow their action plan and revise as needed with consultation from the District Coordinated School Health Council.
  • Submit annual report by the end of May of each school year.

For questions, please contact Michelle Bell, Program Manager of Nursing & Wellness/SANDAPP Department at mbell@sandi.net or by phone at 619-725-5501.