9/19 - ACTION REQUIRED: ES/MS Principals - PrimeTime Academic Support Plan Due Sept. 30

ES and MS Principals with PrimeTime: Academic Support Plans

Sept. 30, 2016 will be the last day to turn in your Academic Support Plan.

Your site should have received their workbooks via email during the week of September 12th.  If for some reason, you have not received this information or you need assistance with completing the forms, contact the Extended Opportunities Department at 858.503.1878 or email szambrano@sandi.net. Any revisions to the Academic Support Plan that was previously submitted with a balance are due on October 14, 2016, due to Budget constraints.

To insure approval of your plan, complete the workbook electronically. Print, obtain signatures, scan and email the following forms to szambrano@sandi.net:

Schedule page with teachers, admin and SDEA Rep signatures
                Budget Overview
                Teacher Calendars with teacher and Admin signatures
                Policies and Expectations signed by the teachers

Your Academic program should not begin on your site until the paperwork has been approve.