9/1 - Please help us with the Attendance Challenge competition - September is Attendance Awareness Month

To highlight the importance of school attendance the District Attendance Team is launching an Attendance Challenge competition.  There will be three areas celebrated during the Attendance Challenge:  Most Improved Attendance Elementary, Most Improved Attendance Middle School, Most Improved Attendance High School (Schools with grade configurations of K-8, K-12, and 6-12 will be evaluated based in the category with the heaviest area of enrollment).   Schools will be evaluated for improvement based on your site’s 2016 attendance data for the comparable time span, the first day of school through the last school day of September.

Each school site will receive an attendance matters banner, compliments of Children Youth in Transition to help with the kick off.  Please indicate who on your site is identified as monitoring student attendance data: https://goo.gl/forms/mL8eaHY1qZZrHnry1.  Attendance reports will be emailed to this designee to show your site’s progress during the competition.  Sites with the most improved attendance will be celebrated in early October.

The new school year means back-to-school night for parents and assemblies for students. These are ideal times to convey the link between absenteeism and student achievement and to build a culture of positive attendance.  The following link provides resources such a letter templates to include in back to school information https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B88J3s-g28nqa3B1dlJudnRUdjQ?usp=sharing here.

For questions or additional information, contact Mia Funk, Director, Reconnection, mfunk@sandi.net, 619-725-7289.

Thank you in advance to your attention, attendance matters.

District Attendance Team