8/28: Please make sure to update your site's Declaration of Trespass

If your assignment, or that of anyone named on the Declaration of Trespass (Declaration) for your site(s), has changed since the last Declaration was filed, you must submit a current Declaration to be assured that your site is legally protected in case of trespassers.  If you are responsible for more than one site, a Declaration for each site must be on file. Please complete one of the following processes: 

  • If there has not been a change from last school year, and you have your original copy of the Declaration on file at your site, please complete the “NO CHANGE FORM” (Attachment 1) and return the original signed copy to Melissa Hudson, Eugene Brucker Education Center, Room 2231, no later than Friday, Sept. 1, 2017; OR
  • If there has been a change, print TWO copies of the “DECLARATION OF SCHOOL PRINCIPAL” form (Attachment 2).  Both copies of the Declaration must be executed for your site(s).  After signing both copies, keep one original declaration on file at your site and send one original to Melissa Hudson, Board of Education Office, Room 2231, Eugene Brucker Education Center, no later than Friday, Sept. 1, 2017.  NOTE: Notarization of the Declaration is no longer required.

The Declaration and No Change Forms can be found In Admin Circular No. 10 located on the district’s Bulletins and Circulars page . If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Melissa Hudson or Martha Corrales at 619-725-5550.