8/23 - ACTION REQUIRED: Important information about new sexual health curriculum for this school year

Dear Principals:

California passed new legislation that requires new topics within comprehensive sexual health education. In order to comply with the new CA Ed Code and to support the health of our students, we will be implementing new board-approved sexual health curriculum this school year.

In order to help you prepare for implementation of this required sexual health instruction, we want to call your attention to the following:

·       Parent Notification and Previews:

o   Parents must be notified at the beginning of the school year and/or at least 14 days prior to instruction, and parents must have the opportunity to review the curriculum (see Site Operations Circular No. 1006).

o   Please see our revised Parent Notification letter templates on our Teacher and Staff Resources page.

·       Sexual Health Instruction:

o   A 10-lesson program is required in grades 6, 8, and high school(see Site Operations Circular No. 1005).

o   In high school, the 1-hour lessons taught in grades 9, 11, and 12 are organized and taught by our program. Note – At this time these lessons will be not implemented within every high school every school year; however, our program will do our best to reach as many students as possible.

·       Professional Development:

o   CA Ed Code requires that staff implementing sexual health be “trained in the appropriate curriculum.”

o   All previously trained staff will be required to attend ONE day of training. The training will focus on new topics and activities not included in the past curriculum (see attached flyer).

o   New sexual health instructors will be required to attend TWO days of training (See flyer)

o   Please submit names of new staff who will teaching sexual health to jvjaters@sandi.net

·       New Curriculum:

o   The new Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility curriculum can be viewed on our Curriculum page.

o   New required topics that will be implemented in all grade levels include gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and lessons will affirm and include same-sex relationships (51933.d.5-6).

o   New required topics that will be implemented in 8th grade and high school include intimate partner violence, coercion, and sex trafficking (51934.a.10); all legally available pregnancy outcomes, including parenting, adoption, and abortion (51934.a.9.A); and antiretroviral therapy as a treatment for HIV (51934.a.6).

All program information is available on our website at www.sandiegounified.org/SHEP. If someone else at your site is responsible for implementing the sexual health instruction, please forward this to them as soon as possible. We look forward to another great year and appreciate your commitment to student health.  Please let us know if we can assist in any way.

Rachel Miller
Program Manager