7/8 - ES/K-8 Principals: Time to schedule your 'Western BBQ' special events

Dear Elementary School Principals:

The new school year is quickly approaching and, once again, it is time to begin scheduling your school’s themed “Western BBQ” special events.

Special events are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, and end in July 2018.  

These events are scheduled during lunchtime only for all students.  We ask you to please share this information with those of your staff who may be scheduling your special events with us.

Below are key points in scheduling your special event:

  • We continue to offer only the “Western BBQ” themed event this year
  • Two (2) events per school, per school year
    • Note:  All other special food occasion events, other than at lunchtime for the entire school, are handled through our Food Services Catering Department Coordinator, Anthony Garibay can be reached via email at catering@sandi.net
  • Special events take place Tuesday - Friday
  • We cannot accommodate a special event on Monday’s, holidays, or days after a holiday
  • We ask that the date of your requested event be received within a 45-day advanced notice in order to accommodate your requests 
  • We ask for your participation in providing volunteer support for these events, such as parents and/or staff
  • Please send an e-mail to Eleanore Viado, Food Services Special Events Coordinator at eviado@sandi.net to schedule your special event and include the date(s) 
  • A confirmation notice and the “Western BBQ” invitation will be sent to your e-mail address
  • School sites can make copies of the invitation and distribute to students

Once more, we look ahead to another successful year in serving you!  Every effort will be taken to have your scheduled event be an enjoyable experience for students, parents, and staff.


Gary B. Petill, Director of Food & Nutrition Services
(signed letter from Gary)