7/28 - Action Required: Secondary Master Schedule COMMIT Information and Dates

Below is information on the Commit process for all Secondary and K-8 sites that are using PowerScheduler. Please review the information carefully.

  • 2016-17 Master Schedule and Student Schedules will be committed to the live side by the IT department between Monday, August 1st through Wednesday, August 24th.
  • In order for us to have a smooth transition into the new school year, IT must process each school separately. To be sure that there is enough time given and each school has a successful copy of their schedule, this year we are asking that each school pick their first and second choice date to have IT commit their schedule. Because of how PowerSchool works, we can only process so many schools on any one day. If there are too many requests for any given day, IT will let you know if any adjustments to the date are needed. It is VERY important that school sites do not wait until the last day to notify IT, or your master schedule may not be committed in time for start of school. Please request and plan on having the commit process run early.
  • Prior to submitting your request for Commit, in PowerScheduler create Duplicate Scenario of your live Scenario which will be used for the Commit process.
  • On the day of the commit send Sharon Barker another e-mail letting her know that your school is ready for the commit to run.
  • To avoid confusion and incorrect information and/or requests, school sites should assign ONE person as the contact person responsible for ALL Commit communications to Sharon Barker. You may include another emergency/back-up person on your Commit questionnaire in case there is a problem with your Commit and IT is unable to reach the designated person.
  • Upon receipt of this e-mail, review internally with your administrator when would be the best day to have your master schedule committed.
  • Review the job aid, Commit Process for Secondary and K-8 Schools, for all pre-commit tasks. Complete the questions below, and return to Sharon Barker at sbarker@sandi.net  by 8/15/2016. Subject line: <your school name>, Ready for Commit
    1. School Name: 
    2. Location Number: 
    3. Charter school (Yes or No): 
    4. Site Tech/Power User or Primary Commit Contact Name: 
    5. Commit Emergency Backup Contact:
    6. Phone number, including area code and extension: 
    7. Email address:
    8. Active Scenario Name which will be used for Commit:
    9. Date you will be ready to Commit:
      • 1st Choice:
      • 2nd Choice:
    10. CHARTER Schools ONLY--Please provide ALL Term Begin and End Dates for verification:

Things to be aware of:

  • Courses that were deactivated will show in red in the course catalog. Sections and student schedules for these courses will NOT be copied to the live side. If you have any students scheduled into a course that has been deactivated, be sure to move them to a section for a valid course before requesting the commit.
  • Schools cannot run final student schedules until the master schedule has been COMMITTED.
  • Once your master schedule is committed, you will schedule new students into classes using the Modify Schedule Link.
  • If you need additional assistance in completing your master schedule, Secondary Open Lab sessions are scheduled for August 18, 19, 22, 23. Please register for these sessions in ERO.