7/24 - K-8, Secondary Principals: Secondary Master Schedule Commit Information and Dates Reminder

This beliow email was sent to all PowerSchool power users and need-to-know contacts. Please alert any other appropriate staff at secondary schools, including K-8 schools. All others, please ignore

If you haven’t already submitted your Commit Request please do so today!

Below is information on the Commit process for all Secondary schools, including K-8. Please review the information carefully.

Beginning Tuesday, August 1 through Wednesday, August 23, the IT department will commit all master and student schedules from the PowerScheduler side to the live-side in PowerSchool.

•Because the commit process is done separately for each school, only a limited number of schools can be committed each day. Upon receipt of this e-mail, review with your administrator the best day for your master schedule commit, then submit the first and second commit date choice below.

•You will receive a scheduled event confirmation once your commit date has been calendared. 

Review the job aid, Commit Process for Secondary and K-8 Schools, to complete all pre-commit tasks. 

Complete the questions below, and return via email to Liz Stevenson (mstevenson@sandi.net) and Carmen Salgado (csalgado@sandi.net) by 8/1/2017.

Subject line: <your school name>, Ready for Commit

1.       School Name: 

2.       Location Number: 

3.       Site Tech/Power User or Primary Commit Contact Name:

4.       Commit Emergency Backup Contact:

5.       Phone number, including area code and extension:

6.       Email address:

7.       Active Scenario Name which will be used for Commit:

8.       Date you will be ready to Commit:

- 1st Choice:

- 2nd Choice:

For PowerSchool support, contact the IT Help Desk at (619) 209-HELP (4357).

To submit your feedback, suggestions, and ideas regarding the PowerSchool application, email PowerSchool@sandi.net.