6/11 The Arts Education Project for Elementary School Principals - Deadline June 30th


The Arts Education Project



Does your school have a strong CULTURE of COLLABORATION rooted in regular and ongoing grade level PLC’s?


If you answered NO to EITHER, or BOTH of these questions, you might be interested in the Arts Education Project (AEP), brought to you by San Diego Unified School District Visual and Performing Arts team!


What is AEP?

  • A team of VAPA trained visiting teachers regularly visit your school to teach your students standards-based and sequential lessons in the visual and performing arts – Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Art
  • The AEP team teaches a rotation of VAPA classes through one grade level in the morning and another in the afternoon
  • While their classes are receiving VAPA instruction, the teachers meet in full grade level PLC’s looking at data, evaluating student work, collaborating on assessments, sharing instructional strategies
  • Trainings and lesson plans are developed and lead by the central office VAPA team

Who is AEP for?

  • Students get the visual and performing arts learning that they deserve, finding new ways to explore and express themselves through all arts disciplines
  • Teachers get monthly or bi-monthly time to regularly work in grade level PLC’s without having to write lesson plans for a visiting teacher
  • Principals get their grade level teams regularly assessing student work, designing curriculum and sharing instructional strategies on a REGULAR and ONGOING basis throughout the school year

How much does AEP cost?

  • It depends on the size of your school and grade level teams, but AEP teachers cost $273 per day
  • See the attached menu of options to find a best fit for the needs for your students and teachers
  • Potential sources of funds include site Title I and LCAP funds

Where does AEP take place?

  • At your school, in classrooms equipped with audio visual capabilities that are safe for and conducive to VAPA learning
  • Dance and Theatre classrooms need open space where it is safe for students to freely move around
  • Visual Art classrooms need a sink and tables and Music classrooms need a piano (which can be provided at no cost from VAPA)

When does AEP take place?

  • You may elect to have an AEP team visit you school either once a month or twice a month, teaching two grade levels per visit
  • Over nine months, we can deliver monthly lessons (9 total) or bimonthly lessons (18 total) for each selected grade level.  We serve two grade levels per visit - one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • There is some flexibility in tailoring a year-long schedule to meet the individual needs of your students, teachers, and site schedule

Why would you want AEP at your school?

  • Research has shown that access to an arts-rich curriculum improves student engagement, attendance, and behavior
  • Implementing ongoing full-grade PLC time lays a foundation for creating a culture of collaboration among your teaching staff and positively impacting student’s academic achievement
  • Infusing your school with the arts enhances your WHOLE SCHOOL culture, showcasing the creative abilities of ALL students
  • According to SDUSD’s recent community survey, 89.4% of respondents selected district arts and music programs as their top priority to protect from budget cuts, demonstrating the strong public and parent support for the arts in our schools – the arts are something parents look for when choosing where to send their students to school.  


Principals, CLICK HERE to complete an application for 2018-19



Jim Solo

Executive Director, Leadership & Learning

San Diego Unified