5/29 Induction ProgramTo Clear Teaching Credential

Dear Principals,

As we prepare for the 2018-19 school year, we have unofficially identified over 300 teacher who are currently in our schools who need to complete an Induction program to clear their credential.  The number one requirement of an Induction program is 30 hours of peer mentoring.

We are sending out a request to administrators for the names of teachers at your site who would make great support providers to coach/mentor new district teachers working to clear their credentials through induction (formerly BTSA).  We are looking for general and special education teachers with at least three years of experience,and a clear credential with English Language Authorization who have been evaluated as satisfactory on all previous evaluations.  Who you would describe as “outstanding” or “very good” in each of the following areas:

      Demonstrates content/subject area knowledge and pedagogy

      Creates and maintains effective learning environment

      Designs and delivers lessons to effectively address a wide range of learners and diverse student populations

      Incorporates effective strategies to address the specific needs of English learners and students with special needs

      Uses technology in the classroom and in all professional responsibilities

      Reflects upon and analyzes teaching practice

      Exhibits commitment to on-going professional growth

      Demonstrates initiative and resourcefulness when confronted with challenges

      Views the teaching profession positively

      Relates and works positively with adult learners

      Organizes and manages time and professional responsibilities effectively

If you know of any teachers at your site who exemplify these criteria and would serve as wonderful coaches/mentors to our new teachers, please click on the link below to submit your recommendations. Depending on the needs of the program, a resource teacher from our department may reach out to these teachers when recruiting support providers for the upcoming school year.

Induction Support Provider Recommendation

We truly appreciate your response and your dedication to furthering the support and professional development of our new teachers through high quality mentors.


Heather Harris

Program Manager