5/20 2019-2020 Assignment Card Information

When building classes for 2019-20, it is important to ensure appropriate balances and equity among your teaching staff. Please take the following into consideration when creating classes:
    1.    ELs should be appropriately placed based on their English proficiency level so that students with similar needs are in classes to facilitate Designated English Language Development. Students must receive the required 30-45 minutes per day of Designated ELD.
    2.    Students with IEPs should be strategically placed based on student needs (mild/moderate or moderate/severe). You should also strategically place students with IEPs where PARA support can best be utilized. The principal will develop a support plan for any teacher who has more than 20% of their classroom students withIEPs
    3.    Gifted and Talented (GATE) students should be placed with theappropriately credentialed GATEteachers.
    4.    An appropriate balance of gender, academic ability, and students with 504’s must also be considered.

    1.    TK-3 class size must average 24 or lower. This means that when you add all of your TK- 3 students and divide by the number of teachers, the ratio cannot exceed 24.0. You must maintain the 24 student average throughout the year.
    2.    Grades 4 and 5 may go as high as 35 students, and should not exceed this number.
    3.    Do not take a teacher designated for a grade 4 or 5 classroom and move them to prevent a combination class. This has occurred and grade 4 and 5 classrooms wentinto the 40 student range. This will not be acceptable for the 2019-20 schoolyear.
    4.    When possible leave some room in TK-3 to avoid a future reorganization if your TK-3 average exceeds 24.
 I hope this information is helpful. I am here to assist you if needed. I can come to your school to assist or answer questions via email.

* This year it is the responsibility of each site to decide if they would like their Student Assignment Cards printed on colored paper or colored card stock. Card stock/colored paper will not be sent to sites. Sites may order card stock in recommended colors on theirown.
Attachment:  Sandra Cephas memo to Principals